Upcoming Release - TeamSpeak Server 3.1

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    • Upcoming Release - TeamSpeak Server 3.1

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      This message is to inform you of upcoming changes and improvements to TeamSpeak's licensing and accounting systems which will allow us to more effectively mitigate piracy and illegitimate host providers. Below are some key updates with more details to follow in the coming months.

      New Accounting server protocol and destination
      TeamSpeak Server 3.1, currently scheduled for beta release in mid-September 2017, will communicate with a new accounting server over a new protocol using HTTPS. The new accounting server will be available under a different domain name so will require changes to your firewall rules.

      HTTP Proxy support
      As an new optional feature, the new accounting server will now work with a HTTP proxy. TeamSpeak servers will be able to contact the new accounting server over a HTTP proxy that could run on a different machine.
      If this is done, the proxy machine will need to contact the accounting server, and the ts3server will only need to be able to contact the HTTP proxy. Note that the HTTP proxy implementation currently does not allow authentication so the ts3server will not be able supply a username/password to the HTTP proxy.

      New Licenses
      With the new accounting server, we have also be updating your license keys. The new license will be similar to the current license but will now contain additional information. All licenses that are valid prior to the release of TeamSpeak Server 3.1 will be replaced with a new license format. The update process should be seamless to you as TeamSpeak servers will download the replacement license automatically.

      Clients will eventually no longer support pre-3.1 servers
      Following the release of TeamSpeak Server 3.1, we plan to modify the TeamSpeak 3 clients such that they will no longer be able to connect to older version servers. We will provide sufficient time for host providers to make the necessary updates.

      We strongly suggest all ATHPs download and test the beta release of TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.1 when it is announced and available. Public release is currently scheduled for 2 to 3 weeks following the beta announcement.